Wood floor gap filling

Floor gap filling Gaps in wood flooring are caused by the long-term expansion and contraction of the wood. Although significant gaps in relatively new wood flooring are relatively uncommon. Old floors on the other hand are likely to have gaps along the lengths of the boards due to the years and years of expansion and contraction the floor will have faced. Shrinkage in floors is more common with solid wood floors, than engineered flooring.

We use two main methods of filling flooring gaps:

Dust & Resin mix

Gap Master product If the floor is being sanded, perhaps the best way to fill the gaps between planks or parquet is to use a dust and resin mixture. In this method the fine dust which is generated during the sanding process is mixed with a resin compound to form a paste. This paste can be worked into the gaps and then allowed to dry before the floor area is re-sanded. The benefit of this method is the exact match concerning the flooring colour. This is the least effective way as it can easily crack and fall out, however this method is least costly than others. Any filler that comes out, in the future, can be filled with wood coloured silicon like Gapmaster by Bona.

Floor gap filling - before
Floor gap filling - after

Black Silicon

Black silicon is a guaranteed method of filling gaps between floorboards. Floorboards are secured and sanded level with coarse and medium sand papers, then filled with blacmk silicon and left for a minimum of 5 days to cure. The we return to remove the excess silicon, sand with a fine grit sand paper and apply your preferred finish on the floor. The black silicon looks very natural and gives the natural appearance as if there are gaps but, on closer inspection, the gaps are actually filled with black silicon.

Black silicon filling - before
Black silicon filling - after
Black silicon filling - before
Black silicon filling - after


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