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Hardwood flooring installation & Parquet floor fitting London

Choosing to install wood flooring will enhance the beauty of any home or business.

Hardwood floor installation is a popular floor choice for many reasons: It is attractive, long-lasting, and low maintenance. If you have considered adding wood floors to your home please do not hesitate and contact Hampton Wood Floors today for a free estimate.


Hardwood floor installation (fitting) Solid wood flooring of any type or species of wood, with an unfinished or a factory prefinished face, in this category the only major difference will be between the unfinished and the prefinished hardwood floors, as the thickness or the width of the wood planks does not affect the process of installation very much. In the unfinished category the most common wood is Oak. Hardwood floors are typically installed with hidden nails onto a wooden subfloor base and over existing old floorboards. In wider planks construction glue is required to compensate for the distance between the nails.


Engineered wood floor London - Surrey (Floating and non-floating installation) This type of wood floor is called Engineered because it is made out of layers of different types of wood with a layer of the desired species on top. The engineered wood is preferred for glue down installation in situations where raising the floor for a subfloor is not an option. It can also be nailed down to a wooden subfloor. The engineered wood is usually prefinished in the factory but you can also find it in the unfinished option. When shopping for a prefinished engineered floor you have to always keep in mind that wear and tear will ultimately affect the finish and the floor will have to be refinished. That is why it's best to buy the engineered wood that has the thickest top layer, because that is the wear layer. With the economy down, some of the manufacturers are making the top layer thinner to lower the cost of production. From 6mm a few years ago, now we find products with 4mm and even 1mm top layer. The last option is impossible to refinish without exposing the lower layers.


Glue down flooring London - Surrey The best wood floor for glue down installation is engineered wood. The multiple layers of different woods used in fabrication will keep the wood stable. For smaller areas, gluing solid hardwood to a concrete slab is possible. Engineered wood comes in a prefinished and an unfinished version. To install glue down floors, in some buildings a sound barrier, moisture barrier or liquid binding dampproof membrane installation will be required prior to the wood installation. The glue has to be a solvent based product to avoid cupping on the floor after installation. A fair amount of glue has to be used that will cover the subfloor evenly to assure a solid quality installation.


An engineered floor can be fitted as a floating floor. Floating floors are usually installed on a concrete or wood subfloor over an underlay. The quick click installation does not require glue or nails. Floating floor is preferred in apartments and high rise buildings where space will not allow for a major construction project. Sound isolation needs to be considered. Underlay can also have damp membranes or heat insulating properties.

Parquet floor installation in London - Surrey PARQUET FLOOR INSTALLATION IN LONDON AND SURREY

Hampton Wood Floors offer a bespoke design, supply and fit of all types of hardwood parquet flooring for Commercial, Heritage or Domestic interiors. Parquet wood blocks can be installed in a number of geometric patterns such as Classic Herringbone, Brick style, Ladder, Basket weave and Chevron. We also specialise in fitting of Versailles and Oak panels. You can choose the border from single to double blocks, or even have solid wood plank in preferred width for a border. In addition we can fit an inlay strip from other coloured timbers such as Wenge or Walnut wood which are laid between the parquet pattern and the border. We provide complete parquet floor replacement – if you want to have your old wood flooring replaced by a new floor, parquet floor can be a great solution. Parquet flooring has its unique style, elegance and beauty. Parquet wood flooring is a great choice and can be sanded and refinished for many times and will last for decades to come.

Many types and designs of parquet floors are available, from custom-made originals to standard patterns, but they are all installed the same way— set in adhesive on a concrete or wood subfloor. Parquet floor installation in London - Surrey The effort can be very rewarding because parquet can be used to create shapes and decorations not possible with other wood flooring.


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