We are wood floor professionals who deliver superior craftsmanship, service and integrity. Our priority is to provide you with the highest quality products and professional service. We provide you with a convenient and hassle free experience. Wood floor services we offer:

Floor sanding and refinishing

A total refinish may be needed when worn or bare spots begin to appear, scratches are noticeable, colour or sheen change is desired. We use Bona and Lagler machines for our sanding contracts. These world famous machines were specifically designed to maximise dust collection. We can restore your existing floor to its original condition. Repairs can be executed in such a way as to make them seamless from the surrounding floor. If your floors have large gaps between the planks we can also fill them as part of the sanding process. We will use some of the clean, finer sawdust created by the sanding, mix it with resin, and use this mixture to fill the gaps (not guaranteed) or we use black silicon (guaranteed not to fall out).

Floor fitting and parquet design

Nothing enhances the look of a home as quickly as wood flooring. If your floor is looking tired from being sanded one too many times or planks are buckling and nail heads are poking through, it is likely time for a replacement. Every aspect of the process from sub-floor preparation, installation, finishing touches and ongoing maintenance is dealt with professionally. We specialise in supply, sub-floor preparation and installation of solid or engineered hardwood floors. We provide all types of parquet floor installation and also supply and install inlays and borders for truly unique finish. Parquet flooring is laid on site. Each piece of floor is glued in the design of your choice. The floor is then sanded and finished with either a lacquer or oil to protect the floor and enhance the beauty of the wood. We offer a free, no obligation estimate. We can help advise on flooring and materials and the fitting method: nailed down, glued down or floating.

Stairs sanding and renovation

Existing old pine or hardwood staircases can be repaired as necessary, sanded, stained and refinished to return them to their original beauty.

Wood floor repairs

Our services include:

  • Floor board repairs - matching wood types using reclaimed timber
  • Floor board replacement - we source reclaimed wood to match existing boards
  • Joist repairs - replacement of rotten joists with treated timber
  • Relaying floors - complete floors laid, choice of woods available
  • Replacement parquet wood blocks - we lay or repair reclaimed parquet blocks, we fix all loose parquet blocks during the renovation process
  • We also remove fireplace hearths and other concrete areas and replace with matching floor

White washed/limed wood floor

White washing/liming flooring has been around for ages and has returned as a popular style and design trend in recent years. White washing works by applying a diluted paint solution, white oil or white stain directly on to your solid wood or engineered floor. This will brighten the overall appearance of the wood and highlight the grain creating a rustic and weathered look. White washing, also known as lime washing was originally done to brighten up and revamp old tired floors when the funds were not available to replace them. Nowadays, the popularity and demand for this style of flooring is on the rise and you can now have your wood flooring pre-finished in this style.

Wood floor finishes

Finishing wood floors is essential in order that the wood floor is protected from dirt, scratches and stains. The most used wooden floor finishes today are varnish (lacquer ) and oil. We use professional wood floor finishes from Bona, Junckers and Osmo to ensure that you have a good quality wood floor finish. Staining is an excellent way to change the look of hardwood flooring without losing the natural beauty and character of the wood floors. If you want your floor darker than its natural colour a stain can be applied in before varnishing the floor. We can also lime/white wash floors to create an effect of unfinished/bleached wood.


  • Floor sanding, sealing and polishing

  • Wood floor repairs

  • Flooring staining and whitewash/liming

  • Wood floor gap filling

  • Hardwood flooring installation & Parquet floor fitting

  • Flooring services London

  • Wood floor renovation and restoration